Cleaner emissions, renewable fuels and increased fuel economy for medium and heavy duty vehicles are being studied at the University of Houston Texas Center for Clean Engines, Emissions & Fuels.

We are a center of comprehensive research, development and testing of advanced power-train, renewable or alternative fuels and emission control systems for local, state and federal governments as well as the energy, engine and emission control industries.

The center is staffed with engineers and researchers from the University of Houston Departments of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Research projects incorporate involvement of faculty and graduate students from many additional departments within this Tier One research university. The center has research capabilities spanning bench scale testing of emerging technologies to full scale testing of heavy duty diesel vehicles. The main components of the facility are a 500hp AC chassis dynamometer test cell, a 600 hp AC engine dynamometer test cell, a portable emissions measurement system, and a comprehensive catalysis research laboratory. The main focus of the testing activities is on emissions control technologies to decrease NOx and particulate matter (PM) emissions from on-road and off-road vehicles and equipment, as well as greenhouse gas reducing technologies. The research activities focus on the reaction engineering of advanced catalytic emission control technologies, synthetic fuels and additives, and alternative fuels in terms of emissions, fuel economy and sustainability.

We perform the following services:

  • Pre-verification testing
  • Technology screening
  • Optimization of technologies
  • Fundamental and applied research
  • Concept development
  • Technology demonstrations


The University of Houston Texas Center for Clean Engines, Emissions & Fuels was started as a collaboration between the University and the City of Houston whereby the University would be responsible for doing independent testing of City of Houston heavy duty diesel vehicles equipped with various emission reduction technologies. The goal being for the City to get emission credits from un-verified technologies as well as determining the effectiveness of various technologies when applied to different vehicle types. Currently, the facility has evolved into a dynamic heavy-duty chassis dynamometer facility with expertise in a wide variety of testing methods, analysis and new technologies.